Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Treat Street

My friend Flora wanted to know if there were any other good Japanese sweets besides manju. It just so happens that today I went to Asakusa Temple, where there are lots of traditional Japanese treats (Japanese sweets are called wagashi). After going through the giant gate, we tried a version of dango, which is balls of mochi (a marshmallowy paste made from mashed rice) on a stick dipped in sweet flour or sauce. The next thing we sampled was a puffy, salty popcorn-like sweet. We don't know what it is called but it is delicious. Our next stop was okashi. Okashi are crackers made out of rice. They come in lots of flavors. Our favorite flavor was plain. Another thing we tasted was fried mochi with red bean paaste inside. The cooks were cooking them on the spot. They were delicious. Last but not least, we tried another dango at a different shop. Every treat on "treat street" was great!


fuminatto said...

Dear Sophia,

My coworker Betty told me about your blog.

I am wondering the "salty popcorn-like sweet" that you mentioned in your blog is "Kaminari Okoshi."

You can find out about Kaminari Okoshi in the following link:

We are all glad to know that you are having a good time in Japan.

Fumiko Miyamoto
Japan Society

Gaki said...

Rice paste, red bean paste, etc. ? Delicious? I take your word for it and consider it a testament to the Pink family's great adaptability to foreign foods! Go for it!
Love, Gaki