Thursday, April 12, 2007

Swinging in Japan

Even if you are in Tokyo where a lot of things are different, there are still playgrounds with the same kinds of playground equipment as the U.S, like swings and slides. We have already been to a few, and even though they are metal and a bit rusty, they are still playgrounds. There was one great thing in a playground that we went to in Hibiya Koen that me and Eliza couldn't stop playing on. It was a Tarzan-like rope swing. There were two ropes on pulleys next to eachother, and you grab a rope, climb up the ladder, swing, and go zooming across. We swang on it until our palms started to get blisters!


Burke Family said...

Dear Sophie,
We were wondering do the parks in Japan have monkey bars like we do? How high above ground is the Tarzan swing? Are there lots of dogs at the parks? What is the weather like? Spring? Does it rain alot? Thunderstorms? Hope you and your family are having a great time!!

Charlotte said...

Dear Sophie,
Do you like their swings better or ours? The Tarzan swing sounds really fun.It would be nice if the rope had some sort of grip so you wouldn't get blisters. Do you like being in Japan? I really miss you.
Your friend,


Julia said...

The tarzan ropes sound awesome!!!!
Do the paks have any other intresting things? I wish I could swing on those ropes!!! Hope you are having a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sophia Pink said...

Here are my answers to all of the questions:
The ropes aren't very high above the ground. At the lowest parts you have to lift your feet higher so they don't brush the ground. I havn't seen any dogs in the park. The weather is pretty much like the weather in Washignton DC. The other playground equipment in the park is rusty and made out of metal. There are slides and swings. The swings there are really low down and they are a flat board. They are better for standing on but the American swings are better for sitting on. I'm having a great time here but I miss everyone.

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