Sunday, April 15, 2007

Five Words

Last weekend, my family and I went to a traditional Japanese inn (ryokan) in the mountains that is famous for its hot springs. Here are five words that I now know from going there:

Onsen: Onsen are natural hot spings that are really hot. Some are indside and some are outside. You have to get naked to go in them--no bathing suits allowed!
Yukata: Yukata are Japanese robes that you wear around the onsen. You wear them without anything underneath.
Maguro: Giant tuna -- the one we ate for dinner (raw) weighed 125 kilos. it was very tasty. (We didn't eat all of it.)
Futon: Mattresses on the floor with pillows and blankets instead of beds. They are really comfortable. During the day they are rolled up in a closet.
Manju: A Japanese sweet treat. It has a sticky, sweet, brown and delicious outside made out of mashed sweetened rice (It sounds bad but don't worry, it tastes really good.) The inside is a red bean paste.

If you ever go to Japan,make sure you go to an onsen!


fzamula said...

Do they have any other good sweets or candys in Japan ? Have you seen any wierd fashions ?


Sophia Pink said...


They have LOTS of other good sweets. I'm going to write and entry about them (by the time you read this the entry will already be up). On the fasions, there were a lot of people an amusement park we went to who were dressed as super heroes, had brightly colored wigs or were drag queens. I'll write about it when we go to this place where there are a lot more people like that!

Betsy Cavendish said...

Hi, Sophie - I love staying in ryokan. Do they still heat the floors from underneath? That was common in Korea too when I lived there -- warm floors were lovely.

When I was in Japan, I wanted a yukata that was mainly blue with white on it, instead of the other way around. The shop salesman was sorry he didn't have what I was looking for, so he shut his shop and bicycled away till he located one for me. Such kindness! I'll never forget it.