Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What's your fortune?

In the shrines and temples in Japan there is usually a form of omikuji, or fortune telling. At most shines and temples you either pick a fortune out of a box or you shake a stick with a number on it out of a box and the number tells you which fortune you get. But, unlike fortune cookies, the fortunes aren't always good. If you get a bad one you tie it up at the temple with all the other bad fortunes. Sometimes the trees have so many bad fortunes on them that they look like flowers! (click on the photo of the tree for a better look). I got a bad fortune, so I tied it up. Another form of omikuji that we saw at a shrine was the heavy light rock. There is a rock and you make a wish and imagine how heavy the rock is. Then you pick up the rock. If it is heavier than you imagined, your wish won't come true. If the rock is lighter than you imagined, your wish will come true. But beware — the rock is really heavy!


Floraz said...

Sophia I thought that the tree looked like it was in bloom with all those bad fortunes. Which seemed very strange because blooming trees make me think of Spring and good things!

Annette( Flora,s Mother)

What did your bad fortune say? What happpened when you picked up the rock?

Gaki said...

sorry you got a really bad fortune, but isn't it lucky you get to leave it in Japan? And isn't it remarkable how the japanese people manage to turn even a bunch of bad fortunes into something pretty to behold (that tree does look like a cherry tree in full bloom)! Gaki

Sophia Pink said...

I don't remember exactly what my fortune was, but is said something like this: Health: Lack of sleep can cause car crashes. Be carful! Lost Item: Unlikely to be found. Soul Mate: Will not come. Grades: OK, if you work hard. I can't remember the other categories. When I picked up the rock, it was so heavy that I almost dropped it.